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friends group name Not just on WhatsApp, but on Facebook or any other messaging app, you will want to create a group for your friends that is dedicated and highly engaging.  The first thing you want to do is make sure that the name of your trending group is unique if you want to retain that friendly vibe and build strong connections online as well. At the same time, make sure the group name has some meaning to keep everyone interested and involved. 

It’s the name that makes all the difference when you are trying to build a strong community that everyone feels a part of. 

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No matter whether you are looking for some unique names or want to update your friends’ group to the most trending group names for best friends, this is the only list that you need.

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friends group name

1. Enter At Your Own Risk36. Roommates Before Else72. Selectively Social
2. Madhouse37. Sadda Adda73. So Called Engineers
3. Dream Team38. Sarcastic Four74. The Family Gang
4. Fantastic 439. Join At Your Own Risk75. Roast Club
5. Adults Out Of Order40. The Trouble Makers76. Only Sarcasm Allowed
6. Awkward Strangers41. The Meme Team77. Spam Group
7. Quarter-life Crisis42. Mavericks Fam78. No Serious Stuff
8. Work. Party. Repeat43. Drinking Buddies79. Travel Buddies
9. 24-Hour Drama Club44. The Chamber Of Secrets80. The Invincibles
10. Ghantaa Engineers45. Result Of Quarantine81. Incredible five
11. Udhaari Group46. You Can Do It82. The Girl Gang
12. Goa Chale Hum47. Shaitaans83. Only Geeks
13. Hopeless Group48. Desi Swaggers84. Gossip Gang
14. Dead Souls49. Yaaro Ke Yaar85. Taza Khabar
15. 50 Shades Of Slay50. Game Of Phones86. Update the Rest
16. Desi Boyz51. The Dude Guys87. Selfie Dump
17. Fashion Divas52. Queens88. Photo Sharing Group
18. Satte Pe Satta53. Chaos And Calm89. What’s on your mind
19. Non-Stop Notifications54. The Change Makers90. Non-Stop Bakwas
20. Tech Nerds55. Shake It Off91. Rant All Day
21. Gangs Of WhatsApp56. Selfie Sisters92. Wanna Say Something?
22. Daily Bakwas57. Mountain Lovers93. Get. Set. Talk
23. Searching For The Group Name58. Text Masters94. Can we just talk?
24. The Action Jacksons59. College Group: Fun Edition95. Slayers and Players
25. Avengers60. Scoring Mates96. Gaming Buddies
26. Parivar. Adarsh. Parampara61. Play Your Way97. Gamers At Work
27. Keep Typing…62. Dill, Dosti, Duniyadaari98. Mission Dosti
28. This Is The Group63. Safarnama99. Spartans
29. Crazy People Inside64. Hum 5: Eik Team100. Qualifiers 2022
30. Homies65. Wandering Minds101. Family Group
Extended Family Group66. The Trip102. Home Sweet Home
31. Adulting67. Welcome To Adulthood103. Broke Forever
32. Creating Memories68. Ghumne Chalein!!104. Dump Photos Here
33. Cheers To Us69. The Dare Group105. Phases
34. Writers In The House70. Flatmates106. Ghar Parivar
35. No Calls! Just Texts71. The Devil House107. Baatein Suru

Funny Group Names for Friends

  • The GOATs
  • Chating-Waiting
  • VIP friends
  • Chai not coffee!
  • Herd of Nerds
  • Free Friends
  • Bad Boyzz
  • Just craziness
  • Awesome people
  • The Rejectors
  • Jokers and movers
  • Only Geeks
  • Group of viruses
  • Crazy Beasts
  • The Awesomeness

Group Names for Best Friends

  1. Friendship For Ever
  2. The Herd
  3. Truly Best Friends
  4. One more selfie
  5. We the rocks
  6. The HotStars
  7. Friendly Town
  8. Fantastic Four Friends
  9. Always connected
  10. Friendly corner
  11. Weirdos
  12. Cool species
  13. Crazy-Not lazy boys
  14. Fun Hunters
  15. League of Comedy Kings

Group Names for 3-5 Girl Best Friends

  1. Bro Codes
  2. Pro Boys
  3. Just Us
  4. Bhangra boys
  5. Supervillains 
  6. The defenders
  7. Lucky guys
  8. Friendly cabinets
  9. Three musketeers 
  10. Yes, Again!

Unique Group Names for Friends

  1. Two-cup tea
  2. Only Good fellas
  3. Brothers from other mothers
  4. Future millionaires
  5. Family Friends
  6. Dear folks
  7. Can’t talk, only chat. 
  8. Party sharty
  9. What’s up, Boys
  10. The Fast Texters
  11. Friends forever
  12. The Marvelous
  13. Mission Impossible
  14. Full to dhamaal
  15. Special 13
  16. Krazzy 5
  17. Friend Sheep
  18. It’s a private group

Group Names for School Friends

  1. School Gang
  2. Pin Drop Silence
  3. Backbenchers
  4. School Days Boys
  5. My preciouses
  6. The lost boys
  7. Are you crazy?
  8. Homies
  9. Genius gangs
  10. Deadly Guys
  11. Extraordinary boys

Best WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

  1. Backstreet boys
  2. Dreamers not doers
  3. Lazy but crazy boys
  4. Friendopedia
  5. Friendly war
  6. Friends for sale
  7. Unstoppable Fun
  8. Three is enough!
  9. Friendship HQ
  10. The Foodies
  11. Late-night talk show
  12. Type B Negative
  13. Long Riders

Group Names for College Friends

  1. College Buds
  2. Late Night chatters
  3. Viral Group
  4. The most Secret group
  5. Random peoples
  6. Just Friends
  7. Secret project
  8. Non-stop chat
  9. Quietest group ever
  10. Most Boring people
  11. The Chat Show
  12. FriendZoned

Stylish Group Names for Besties

  1. Small talks
  2. The Bosses
  3. Biker Boys
  4. Boss Women
  5. Diamond hearted
  6. Extraordinary legends
  7. Knight riders
  8. The Dream Team
  9. Back To School
  10. Battles of Besties
  11. Another Universe
  12. Friend Sweet Friend
  13. Friendly Vibes
  14. In the name of boys
  15. One last joke
  16. Friendly spirit
  17. Extra Roommates
  18. Proud PROs
  19. Night Talkies

Cool Group Names For Friends

  1. PubG ProS
  2. Crazy boys
  3. Yeah, Bro!!
  4. Talk and chat zone
  5. Bhailogs
  6. Memers
  7. XOXO
  8. Coolest Group Ever
  9. Just Dudes!
  10. Fighters (Not lovers)
  11. Just ProBros
  12. PartyBoyz
  13. GamersArena

One Word Group Names for Friends

When it comes to group names or group sizes, the shorter one is better. If you don’t want to make your group name unnecessarily lengthy, but to the point overall, here are your best options. Actually, one-word group names are a nice option and can sound quite appealing. 

  1. Walkie-Talkie
  2. 3.5 Packs
  3. BROmance
  4. MadZone
  5. Creditors
  6. Hopelessness!
  7. Averagers
  8. Unforgettable
  9. MadMen
  10. Minions
  11. Beasts
  12. Unforgivable 
  13. DudePool
  14. Hangovers
  15. DesiBoyzz