IIT MADRAS Online Degree

Get in iit without jee advance examination

IIT Madras Online Degree Program
BS in Data Science & Applications – from IIT Madras ____


Today I’m talking about IIT Madras Online Degree. IITM is India No.1 college . IIT M give me a chance to get IIT without jee Advance Examination.

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Benefit theis program

Courses are taught by faculty of IIT Madras/other reputed institutes as well as experts from

the industry.

Unlike many competitive exams which work on the philosophy of elimination and selection and

admit a very limited number of learners into various programs based on their performance

relative to that of others, in this program there are specific qualifying criteria, and a

significantly large number of learners can enter.

Learners of any background, be it engineering, sciences, humanities, arts, medicine, law, etc

can attempt and join this programs. There is no limitation on the age of the learner or their

geographical location

what is the course ? 

  1. A) Data Science & Applications

IIT Madras has launched the BS in Data Science and Applications. In this program, the course

contents are delivered online and can be studied by anyone from anywhere, while the monthly

quizzes and final semester exams will have to be attended in-person at designated centres.

Depending on the number of courses completed, learners can earn

No of courses are present  in 4years degree program 

  • a Foundation level certificate
  • Diploma in Programming/Diploma in Data Science or both
  • BSc degree in Programming and Data Science
  • BS degree in Data Science and Applications
  • Year 1: The Foundation level

○ Comprises 8 courses as shown below

○ Number of credits: 32

  • Year 2: Diploma level

○ Includes 2 Diplomas – Diploma in Programming and Diploma in Data Science

○ Each diploma comprises 6 courses (23 credits) and 2 project courses (4


○ Number of credits: 54

  • Year 3: BSc Degree level courses

○ Total of 28 credits

○ 2 core courses and mandatory course on Strategies for professional growth

○ Maximum of 4 credits can be obtained from NPTEL

  • Year 4: BS Degree level courses

○ Total of 28 credits

○ Option of Apprenticeship – for 4/12 credits

○ Maximum of 4 credits from HS/MG stream

○ 24 credits from elective courses offered in the program (If apprenticeship not


Foundation level:

English 1, English 2, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Statistics 1, Statistics 2, Computational

Thinking, Introduction to Python

Diploma level:

Diploma in Programming

  1. .Database management systems (DBMS), Programming Data Structures and Algorithms using
  2. Python (PDSA), Java programming, System Commands, Application development – 1,
  3. Application Development – 2
  4. Project course in Application Development – 1
  5. Project course in Application Development – 2
  6. .Diploma in Data Science
  7. Machine Learning Foundations (MLF), Machine Learning Techniques (MLT), Machine
  8. Learning Practice (MLP), Business Data Management (BDM), Business Analytics (BA), Tools
  9. in Data Science (TDS)
  10. Project course in Business Data Management
  11. Project course in Machine Learning Practice

BSc and BS level:

  1. Core Courses: Software Engineering, Software Testing, Artificial Intelligence and Deep
  2. Learning
  3. Elective Courses: Introduction to Cryptography and Cyber Security, Data Visualization
  4. Design, Special topics in ML (Reinforcement Learning), Thematic ideas in Data Science,
  5. Design Thinking, Market Research, Industry 4.0, Speech Technology, Strategies for
  6. Professional Growth, Big data and biological networks and Algorithmic thinking in
  7. bioinformatics
    •  Admission to the program
      1. Regular entryJEE-based entry
          Regular Entry into Foundation level [[( jee examination not required)]] To enter the Foundation level, applicants have to pass the Qualifier exam. The Foundation courses allow for interested applicants with a variety of educational backgrounds to be trained in the basics (Math, Statistics, Computational Thinking, Python programming and English) required to take up the Diploma level of Programming & Data Science courses. Entry: Via the Qualifier exam into the Foundation level  
    • Eligibility to Apply for the Qualifier test
      1. Anyone who has passed Class 12 or equivalent can apply irrespective of age or
      academic background. Those who qualify can join the program immediately. View list of accepted class 12 equivalents.
      1. School students who have appeared for their Class 11 final exams can apply
      irrespective of their group/stream/board. Those who qualify can join the program after passing Class 12. It is expected that the applicants have studied Mathematics and English in Class 10. No additional eligibility other than the ones mentioned above is required to apply for the qualifier process or join the foundational level courses after clearing the qualifying exam. All regular entry applicants must go through the Qualifier Process to earn admission to the Foundation Level.
    • Qualifier Preparation: The qualifier process includes 4 weeks of coursework based on lecture videos, assignments, and live sessions of the four foundational level courses – English I, Mathematics for Data Science I, Statistics for Data Science I, and Computational Thinking – that will be provided through our online portal. Every week an assignment must be submitted for grading in each course. Qualifier Exam: At the end of the 4 weeks, a qualifier exam will be conducted for eligible candidates based on the content covered in the 4 weeks of study. Eligibility to appear for the qualifier exam (regular entry): In each course, the average of the best 2 out of the first 3 weekly assignment scores will be calculated. Only those who get the minimum required average assignment scores in all four courses (as given below) will be allowed to appear for the Qualifier Exam. Minimum Average Assignment Score required in each course General Learner            40%(Minimum Average Assignment Score required in each course)
    • SC / ST / PwD (with 40%disability)    30%(Minimum Average Assignment Score required in each course)
    • PwD with 40% disability & SC / ST      30%(Minimum Average Assignment Score required in each course)
    • OBC-NCL / EWS             35%(Minimum Average Assignment Score required in each course)  
    • JEE-based Entry: Candidates who qualified to appear for JEE Advanced 2022 can directly join our program in the Sep 2022/Jan 2023/May 2023 Term by following the steps below:
      1.  Watch video content and submit weekly assignments for first 4 weeks of the four
      foundational level courses – English I, Mathematics for Data Science I, Statistics for Data Science I and Computational Thinking. (This is identical to the “Qualifier preparation” content in the regular entry process)
      1. They are all made Eligible to appear for qualifier exam, irrespective of their scores in
      the first 4 weeks.
      1. It is mandatory to appear for the in-person quiz of 4 hours duration conducted at the
      end of 4 weeks of coursework covering all 4 courses. But this score in this will not impact their qualifying to start the program, it will impact only their CCC. 4. Register for courses at the Foundation Level based on the quiz scores. The average score of the 4 courses (M) will determine the maximum number of courses a student will be allowed to register for in the first term. Average In-person Quiz Score (M) Number of courses allowed to register for M < 50% up to 2 courses 50% <= M < 70% up to 3 courses M >= 70% up to 4 courses
    • Qualifying Process
      1. The week 1 content is available to all candidates to sample on the website
       and view when they fill the Qualifier exam form.
      1. The learner has to fill the qualifier form available on the website onlinedegree.iitm.ac.inThe learner has to pay the fees for the Qualifier exam – currently set as Rs 3000/-for
      Gen category with suitable waivers for candidates from the SC/ST and PwD with 40% disability backgrounds. Currently there is no waiver for any other group of learners.
      1. Once the learner registers for the qualifier test, access to 4 weeks of content for the
      four Foundation level courses – English 1, Maths-1, Statistics-1 and Computational Thinking will be provided on the dates announced.
      1. The content is released week wise with an assignment for each of the 4 weeks.The content will be made live with an announcement on the portal, and an alert
      through email.
      1. The fee will not be refunded once paid.

 Eligibility for passing the qualifier test

    1. Only those who get minimum average marks in the weekly graded assignments will be
    eligible to take the in-person proctored Qualifier Exam conducted at the end of 4 weeks of coursework – the hall ticket will be shared only with these candidates. (See table below for the cut off marks in Assignments)
  1. 1.1. Each assignment will be graded out of 100 1.2. Any assignment that is not attempted will be marked as
  2. 0. 1.3. The average of the best two out of the three assignments will be calculated in every subject and rounded off and compared to see if it is equal to or greater than the minimum marks required.